Wednesday: Learn How to Learn About the History of Your Bernal Heights Home


Tomorrow night, Wednesday, August 19, those intrepid time-travelers from the Bernal Heights History Project will share some tips on how to research the history of your Bernal Heights home:

“How to Research Your Bernal Home”
Aug 19, 2015 7:00pm-8:30pm (Wednesday) at Bernal Heights Branch Library

We have an admittedly ambitious plan: We want to research and record the history of every building on the hill, and we’d love your help.

On Wednesday, August 19, we’ll present a slideshow that explains how to investigate your own home and all the resources you can use, including city directoriestap recordsSanborn (fire insurance) mapsneighborhood newspapers, and many more free databases.

We’ll be using several examples of Bernal homes and businesses in our show, but this is an interactive presentation, so feel free to come with stories and photos of your own, especially if you want to find out more about your street and the people who lived in your home before you did.

PHOTO: Left, Anita Nieto, cousin Betty Reyes, and a friend outside the Reyes and Nieto grocery store at Crescent and Anderson, late 1940s; Right, 1905 Sanborn map. (Family photo courtesy Anita Nieto; map courtesy David Rumsey) — at 511 Crescent Avenue, San Francisco.

Tonight! Celebrate the 8th Anniversary of Secession Art & Design


Secession Art & Design is a Bernal Heights treasure, and tonight it’s proud proprietor, Ms. Eden Stein, is celebrating her store’s eighth anniversary.

It’s hard to emphasize how hard she’s worked to make this happen. Secession has always been awesome, but when she lost her lease in the space across from Safeway in 2014, Ms. Eden had to scramble to keep Secession alive. Thankfully, through lots of hustle and a little good luck, Secession was able to re-open in the former SoCha Cafe space at 3235 Mission (near Valencia). Today, the store is bigger and more vibrant than ever, Ms. Eden is a pillar of the glamorous Mission-Bernal Merchants Association, and Secession become an  integral part of La Lengua’s increasingly lively (and delicious) Mission Street corridor.

Ms. Eden writes:

I am hosting our 8th anniversary on Friday night!

Secession is throwing a party to celebrate 8 years in the Mission Bernal neighborhood. Please join us this Friday, August 14 6:30 to 9:30 pm to honor what we’ve all built. Meet our featured artists Andreina Davila, Heather Robinson, as well as many others who’ve been part of our community over the past eight years.

Sometimes you have to dream big and just go for it. Thank you to everyone who helped us on our journey to our new home when we lost our lease a year ago. Thanks to your support, we were able to stay in the neighborhood and relocate to our beautiful 3235 Mission Street gallery and boutique. You rock!

Many of you have asked how you can help us to make sure Secession is part of the arts community and the changing San Francisco retail landscape. If you’d like to support us, the best way is to shop in-store (we’re open Tuesday-Sunday, noon to 7pm), shop online, or donate to our ongoing fundraiser.

Hope to see you tonight.

Congratulations, Eden, and best wishes for 800 more fabulous years!

IMAGE: Courtesy of Secession Art &; Design

This Is Your 2015 Bernal Heights Hillwide Garage Sale Treasure Map!!!

Tap to view the updated map

Tap to view the most up-to-date map

It’s here! Saturday! SaturdaySATURDAY! The biggest and most glamorous neighborhood garage sale in all of San Francisco happens this Saturday, August 8, 2015 all over Bernal Heights, and if you want to find the goods, you need this high-tech treasure map.

Yup, it’s time to put on a comfortable pair of walking shoes, stuff your pockets with wads of petty cash, and load up the bootlegged copy of that FedEx route-optimization software you downloaded from a sketchy Albanian website. Because you’re going to want to map-out your plan of attack for the more than 100 Bernal homes that are having a garage sale on Saturday.

Here’s the pre-sale update:

As of late Weds evening, the Bernal Hillwide Elves tallied 111 garages that have registered to participate in this years most epic garage sale ever! Facebook has been blowing up with tons of likes, 60+ shares, lots and lots of comments and general social media mayhem!

Sellers are going to have a fantastic day on Saturday. And if that weren’t enough, we’ve raised over $2,300 for the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center! Booyah!

Sellers can still register your sale.

Buyers, check out the map and plan your route.

Tuesday Eve: See Neighbors, Eat BBQ, Meet Local Law Enforcement at National Night Out in Bernal Heights


Tomorrow evening, pack up the kids, bring an appetite, and head to the Bernal Rec Center behind the Library to meet some of the people who put the safety in Bernal’s public safety programs.

It’s time for the Bernal Heights edition of National Night Out, the nationwide program that seeks to build stronger ties between local communities and law enforcement. Neighbor Sarah shares the glamorous preview of what’s happening:

Join Your Neighbors on Tuesday, 8/4, for National Night Out at the Bernal Rec Center!

National Night Out, in its 32nd year, is designed to get neighbors out on a summer evening so they can meet each other, police and fire personnel, local organizations, and merchants – all with the goal of promoting community safety.

This year’s National Night Out celebration for the Ingleside Police District will be in Bernal Heights. Come out for a FREE BBQ dinner, lots of fun, kid-friendly activities, and a chance to learn from numerous organizations that will be tabling at the event. Join a neighborhood watch with SFSAFE; sign up for NERT training with the Fire Department; improve the safety of your block through environmental improvements like planting a tree with Friends of the Urban Forest.

Meet members of the city attorney’s office, the district attorney’s office, and Supervisor Campos’s staff to voice any concerns to them directly. Climb the SF Park rock climbing wall; jump in bouncy houses; play basketball with SFPD recruits. Visit the library to learn how it can be safe place for teens and tweens. Pick up the coveted 2015 edition of the Bernal Heights Safety Resource handout. Full details below:

Tuesday, August 4, 5-8pm
Bernal Heights Rec Center and Bernal Heights Library
500 Moultrie Street @ Jarboe Ave.

FREE BBQ dinner
Climbing wall
Jumpy houses
Arts & crafts
Safety resources
& More!

Exhibitors include SFSAFE, NERT, ALERT, the Department of Emergency Management, the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center, the SF District Attorney’s Office, the SF City Attorney’s Office, Rec & Park, Friends of the Urban Forest, and the Bernal Heights Library.

Sponsors include SF POA, SFFD, Recology, Cordova Market, Mollie Stone’s, and the Boys and Girls Clubs.


Tonight: Mysterious Meeting to Establish Parking Permits for North Bernal

nebernalmysterysign2 Neighbor MM spotted handbills from the so-called “Northeast Bernal Parking Alliance” drifting around Precitaville. Apparently, there’s a meeting tonight, Tuesday, July 28 at 7 pm at the Precita Valley Neighborhood Center to discuss a proposal to turn much of North Bernal into an official Residential Permit Parking (RPP) zone. Neighbor MM writes:

Perhaps you have seen these around? I am always a little suspicious about things like this with no email address or URL, and I can’t find anything online when I search Northeast Bernal Parking Alliance. Which leads me to believe this is the work of one irate neighbor who is about to ruin things for all of us. My opinion: While I’ve noticed some parking problems, notably neighbors leaving their cars in the same spot for weeks or months on end, people need to realize that once you call in the DPT – there is no undo. Sure one person from Google might get a ticket, but once the DPT begins patrolling the streets and marking up cars, we the residents will get the bulk of the tickets. Nearly every driveway on my street sports at least 20 cars that are parked in driveways and are kind of sort of a little bit blocking the sidewalk. Ticket! When we go away and have relatives housesit? Ticket! A friend from another neighborhood coming by for lunch and a long walk? Can’t park here! I lived in the Mission prior to Bernal and residents fought to get two hour parking on our street and I didn’t think much about it – until I realized my car was registered in San Mateo, not San Francisco, and I couldn’t get a permit. It was a huge pain for me, and all the things I mentioned above happened. It is not worth it. It is already illegal to park for more than 72 hours and that takes care of the big problems. People parking for the day? Shrug. In many cases it is merely an exchange. I leave and drive to work and someone takes my place, leaves at the end of the day and I take it back. It’s okay. I’ll go to this meeting but I urge people to consider what it means when the DPT starts patrolling. YOU get the ticket, not some imaginary bus riding tech worker from the Marina.

Hmmm. We do wonder: Why does the graphic on the handbill include so many question marks? Who is the “Northeast Bernal Parking Alliance?” Who are they allied with? Is this another one of those Ron Conway organizations that seeks to further gentrify San Francisco? Or is it instead the leading edge of yet another imperialist Calle24 plot to annex North Bernal and transform it into a private parking preserve? To get answers to these and other questions, attend the meeting tonight: NORTHEASTBERNAL_MEETING_FLYER-5

Register NOW to Sell Your Treasure at the 2015 Bernal Heights Hillside Garage Sale

Bernal Hill from Billy Goat Hill Park

Attention, all ye Bernalese pack-rats with the urge to purge! The 2015 Bernal Heights Hillwide Garage Sale happens on August 8 — less than two weeks from today, so now is the time to register your address to appear on the high-tech 2015 Hillside Garage Sale Treasure Map.

Hillwide Garage Sale co-organizer and Neighbor Michael Minson explains how to participate:

I’m pleased to announce the website is now live and ready to accept registrations for the great garage sale of 2015 taking place on Saturday, August 8 from 9 am -2 pm.

Hillwide is a San Francisco tradition, and a fabulous way for our Hillbabies to unload their crap, clear their clutter, and otherwise rightsize their lives both for cash and existential bliss.

The Hillwide is arguably the largest single day garage sale in San Francisco. Last year, we raised $1,860 for the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center strictly from map registrations. This year, our goal is to beat that like a vintage rug from grandma’s earthquake cottage.

If you’ve been hankering for a cleansing, drink a kale juice smoothie and clean out the deepest corners of your garage, basement, bonus room or creepy storage place.

Register your treasure trove and make your donation to the BHNC via the world-famous Internet at

Then just open your garage door on Saturday, 8-August, put on some funky grooves and pour yourself a mimosa (or three), because Hillwide is on!

The Hillwide elves will promote the event across the city and bring the masses to your doorstep. But you have to register for the plundering masses to find you.

Tonight: Phonographic Memories Picks Up the Beat, Moves to Glamorous New Bernal Nightclub Location


You may remember that way back in September 2014, Neighbor Corey launched a project called Phonographic Memory by hosting informal, open-mike sessions at the Bernal Heights library where people were invited to share stories and music from their favorite old vinyl records.

Phonographic Memory has now become a regular thing, and here’s how it goes down:

Now Phonographic Memory graduates from the Bernal library and relocates to Bernal’s stretch of Mission Street, where you can join in tonight, June 30, at 7 pm at the Knockout (3223 Mission @Valencia).

Neighbor Corey brings the news, and the invitation:

For June, we have a very special edition of Phonographic Memory planned for you. We’re throwing a party! We’re making the trek from our usual spot at the Bernal Library down the hill to The Knockout, because libraries close early, and we want to party together all night long.

We’ve curated a diverse lineup of individuals who have contributed to the Bay Area music scene: Justin Torres (record dealer and DJ who helped re-ignite soul singer Darondo’s career), Lydia Popovich (stand-up comedian who managed Quannum records in the early 2000’s), Dan Lactose (guitarist for seminal punk/powerviolence band Spazz, producer for Hip-Hop duo Grand Invincible), and Winston Smith (artist responsible for designing the Dead Kennedy’s logo as well as countless album covers).

We have DJ’s Brycon, Wam Bam Ashleyanne and Stef providing the soundtrack to rock the night away.

The event will serve as a fundraiser of sorts, and will be complimented by an IndieGoGo campaign. We are asking a $5 donation at the door, and guarantee that you will be entertained!

Our goal is to obtain non-profit status, and ultimately secure grants to grow Phonographic Memory into a global community.

Music starts at 7:00pm, stories at 8:00. Hope to see you there!