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Visiting British Tourist Gets the Full Bernal Love

Nice work, people. Last week, we asked all of you to extend a warm welcome to Tony Quarrington, a British tourist and San Franciscophile who is vacationing in Bernal Heights. This week, Tony reports that he’s definitely experienced the Bernal love: It … Continue reading

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Small Gesture of Parking Courtesy Rewarded with Generous Gift of Artisanal Canned Tuna

It was the kind of gesture that would come naturally to any proper Citizen of Bernalwood: The parking space in front of my home was available, and a blue Volkswagen station wagon was attempting to park there. But there was a glitch. … Continue reading

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If You See This British Tourist in Bernal Heights, Please Make Sure He Is Having a Wonderful Time

San Francisco is a place, and a state of mind. If you were lucky enough to have been born here, well, then lucky lucky you that everything lined up so neatly. There are also many San Franciscans who were born someplace else. They live here, and … Continue reading

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New Video Profiles Miss Darcy from Heartfelt

As part of his ongoing video series about Bernal Heights personalities, Neighbor Steve Sisler points his camera at Neighbor Darcy Lee, the glamorous proprietor of Heartfelt on Cortland: Serving the residents of Bernal Heights for over 22 years, Heartfelt is … Continue reading

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Jackie Jones (and Her Dancing Cat) Need Our Help

Back in August 2011, your Bernalwood editor wrote a few appreciative words about the incomparable Jackie Jones: Jackie Jones has been a Saturday fixture at Bernal’s own Alemany Farmer’s Market for as long as I can remember, entertaining foodies — … Continue reading

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Bernal Heights Library Manager Featured in Celebrity Librarian Photo Shoot

America’s librarians held a big get-together in Philadelphia last month, and Photographer Kyle Cassidy was on hand to take some pictures: When you think of a librarian, what image comes to mind? Photographer Kyle Cassidy ventured to the American Library Association’s … Continue reading

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To Be Young and Subletting In Bernal Heights

The SubletSF blog chronicles the adventures of Neighbor Valerie, a young woman exploring San Francisco while subletting space in several apartments around town over the course of a year: My name is Valerie. I’m 25 years old and a founder of Rice … Continue reading

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Bernal Neighbor Becomes CEO of Glamorous Jazz Organization

Neighbor Diane shares a tip that “a member of the Bernalwood tribe has taken on a CEO position in the SF music and cultural scene.” Celebrity Alert! It seems Bernal Neighbor Donald Derheim, a skilled observer of Google Maps survey equipment, is leaving his executive … Continue reading

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Elusive Bikini Jogger Sighting Provides Important Reassurance During Uncertain Times

Stars collide, galaxies collapse, websites fall over, and the macroeconomic forces of global capitalism grind inexorably onward. Yet all is well in Bernal Heights, because there’s been a sighting of the legendary Bikini Jogger. A Bernal neighbor shared this snap … Continue reading

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Video Reveals the Deeper Story About the Story of Neighbor Laurel’s Ongoing Journey

About 25,000 people live in Bernal Heights, and each one of them has a story to tell. In fact, there’s a story behind each story, and at least one or two stories behind that, and maybe even a few more … Continue reading

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Eldest Son Continues Yom Kippur Tradition Atop Bernal Hill

Last weekend was the Jewish Yom Kippur holiday, and in Neighbor Kelly’s family,  tradition dictates that Yom Kippur should end with the blowing of a shofar (ram’s horn) from atop Bernal Hill. This year, Neighbor Kelly’s oldest son Charlie made his … Continue reading

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New Video Profiles Cortland’s “Optimistic Bike Shop”

Following up on his wonderful profile of Bernal artists Joseph Branchcomb and Toby Klayman, Neighbor Steve Sisler has released his next piece in his “Bernal Heights Conversations” video series: A video about Brett Thurber and Karen Wiener, the glamorous couple that … Continue reading

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Departing Neighbor Creates Lovely Montage of Bernal Memories

Sad News: Neighbor Andrés is moving from Bernal Heights. But before he departs, he created this lovely montage of the places and spaces that will represent Bernal Heights in his memories: As I move out, I think about the images … Continue reading

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