Bernal Street Photographer Exhibits Work in Glamorous SoMa Parking Lot


During a brisk constitutional on Second Street in SoMa yesterday, your Bernalwood editor stumbled across a rather gorgeous photo exhibit in the parking lot across the street from the (so classic) Adolph Gasser Photography store at 181 Second.

It’s a series of photos wheatpasted onto the parking lot’s brick walls, and it looks fantastic. The show is called “City at Large,” and wouldn’t you know it… Bernal neighbor and superstar street photographer Troy Holden, a resident of Cortlandia, has a few images on display.

That’s Troy’s work, in the photo above. Beautiful!

Check out Neighbor Troy’s photos if you’re taking a constitutional on Second Street, or peep his feed online.

PHOTO: Troy Holden’s photography on display in City at Large, by Telstar Logistics

Let’s Enjoy Some Recent Bernal Heights Photography, Because We Look Totally Fabulous


It’s been a while since we last did a roundup of Bernal Heights images submitted to the Bernalwood photo group on Flickr, so let’s remedy that.

Per usual, our local shutterbugs have been capturing some amazing scenes from around the ‘Wood, and as you know, we just keep getting sexier and sexier.

For example, Neighbor Markus took the gorgeous photo you see above. He also captured a shot of one of my favorite cars in all of Bernal Heights — that amazing old Pinto that lives on the east slope. Notice the awesome Keep Bernal Clean license plate frame? Love it:


Ed Brownson’s Flickr account is full of beautiful images, and this snap of a little ad hoc yoga session on Bernal Hill is wonderful:


Here’s another one from Ed, with a raven on Bernal Hill:


Neighbor Jane Underwood took this wonderfully Hopper-esque photo of the Moonlight Cafe on Cortland:

Moonlight Cafe

Here’s a rainbow view as seen from Jane’s window:

Rainbow Out My Window

Daniele Mils took this timeless shot of some Bernal back yards:

Backyard light

I also love Daniele’s shot of a Bernal neighbor experimenting with new colors:

Color Bernal

Sean Timberlake took this stunner of a moonrise behind Bernal Hill:


GPS photographed this classic Bernal scene:


Suegol Malek shared this one of a perfect sunset moment from Bernal Hill:


There’s lots more where all this came from, so please do spend some time browsing the Bernalwood Flickr group. Also, if you’ve got any photos of your own… please share them with us!

Here’s the View of Bernal Hill from the Other End of South Van Ness


Yesterday I went to a meeting at 1455 Market Street, a big high-rise right at the corner of Market and 11th Street. The office was in one of the building’s upper stories, and it had incredible views of Our Faire City.

As I gazed south, I realized I was staring straight down South Van Ness to Bernal Hill, which looked particularly rakish and handsome.

In other words, I was basically eye-to-eye with Bernal Hill from a vantage point directly opposite those stone benches at the curve in the closed section of Bernal Heights Boulevard. You know… the ones that look straight up South Van Ness. Because when you sit on one of those benches, here’s what you see:


That’s South Van Ness slicing through the center, and the photo at the top of this post was taken from the building highlighted by the arrow.

To see both vantage points, let’s take in the view from the Bernalwood SkyCam:


Bonus Fun Fact! As the crow flies, the distance between the benches on Bernal Hill and 1455 Market is about 11,427 feet, or 2.16 miles.

And now you know how we look from that distance when workers inside 1455 Market look back (enviously) at us.

PHOTOS: Telstar Logistics. Aerial image courtesy of Google Earth

“Gatsby Complex” Yields Beautiful Photos of Bernal Hill from Noe Valley



It’s a well-documented fact that many people in Noe Valley experience  a “Gatsby Complex” when they gaze at Bernal Hill — our proud-but-distant profile seems to trigger deep-seated feelings of admiration and longing among our neighbors to the west. That’s perfectly understandable, of course, given Bernal’s famous glamtasticness. But it must be hard to live that way.

Fortunately, Noe’s Gatsby Complex tends to generate some wonderful photography, and these two images prove the point. The photo at top was captured at dusk last weekend by Luke Spray, and the one below was taken at dawn on Sunday by Steve A.

Frankly, we don’t envy them — the whole Gatsby Complex thing must be a difficult burden to bear. Yet at least these shutterbugs have found a productive way to transform their psychological torment into beautiful art. Lucky for them — and even more lucky for us.

Hat Tip: MissionMission

Neighbor Chuck Finds New “Everyday Sights in Bernal Heights”





Neighbor Chuck got a job, which has been great for his finances but bad for fans of his blog. Luckily for those patient fans, Neighbor Chuck found some time recently to go for one of his horticultural walks around Bernal Heights, and the result is a new installment in his occasional series of  posts on “Everyday Sights in Bernal Heights”:

I don’t get to do this much anymore — walk around my neighborhood. Because I work all the time. Well, it’s nice to be wanted (for work). Up to a point. And then, blech.

This edition is huge and beautiful and full of gorgeous Bernal perspectives, so put on your virtual walking shoes and let Neighbor Chuck show you around.

PHOTOS: Neighbor Chuck/My Back 40 (Feet)

Let Us Now Enjoy Some Recent Photography of Bernal Heights

The watchers

Let’s have another photo show! We begin with a big round of applause please for Ed Brownson, who snapped this classic California flaming sunset from atop Bernal Hill. Someone needs to reproduce this image in airbrush on the side of a 1970s custom van. Or an iron-on t-shirt graphic.

Sean Timberlake captured this jaw-dropper during last week’s full moon. Pour yourself a bowl of wow:


Want another one from Sean? Of course you do. Encore! Encore!


Here’s the glorious sunrise of May 14, brought to you by Gaelen:

2014-05-04 Sunrise Bernal Hill Run

Gaelen! Encore! Encore!

2014-05-04 Sunrise Bernal Hill Run

And finally, Neighbor Boris demonstrates some very strong photo kung-fu, and Sutro Tower appreciation: