Sunset Timelapse from Bernal Hill Is a Preview of Tonight’s Coming Attractions

It’s going to be beautiful in Bernal Heights today — a warm and clear allocation from our limited annual ration of summer-like days.

During a similar day earlier in the week, Jamie Fausto created a gorgeous time-lapse video of the sunset, as seen from the north-facing vantage point that looks straight up South Van Ness Avenue. It’s awesome.

Enjoy Jamie’s video in full-screen mode, and if you want to experience the real thing for yourself, be advised that sunset will happen tonight at 6:49 pm.

PRO TIP: Bring a cocktail.

New Video Profiles Miss Darcy from Heartfelt


As part of his ongoing video series about Bernal Heights personalities, Neighbor Steve Sisler points his camera at Neighbor Darcy Lee, the glamorous proprietor of Heartfelt on Cortland:

Serving the residents of Bernal Heights for over 22 years, Heartfelt is a treasured neighborhood gem. Reminiscent of an old-fashioned variety store with a modern twist, proprietor – Miss Darcy Lee has created a place where delight meets whimsy at the intersection of happy.

It’s true. Heartfelt is a  gem, and not only does David Byrne love to shop there… why, Bernalwood’s very own Cub Reporter does too. Just like us!

Roll video…

New Video Profiles Lisa Moro of Inclusions Gallery


As part of his ongoing series of video profiles about creative people in Bernal Heights, Neighbor Steve Sisler recently released a new piece about Lisa Moro of the Inclusions Gallery on Cortland:

Lisa Moro began curating shows at the Inclusions Gallery in San Francisco’s eclectic Bernal Heights neighborhood in 2007, with the aim of becoming embedded in a community where she could make a difference.

The results have been successful and positive: a comfortable, inclusive space in the midst of a vibrant, creative neighborhood – where the gallery acts as a strong connector within the community, building bridges between local artists, neighbors. And this is never more apparent than during the annual show of Bernal Heights artists.

In Moro’s words, “The community supporting the gallery gives me the opportunity to support the artists in the community.”

Very Special Thanks to Bernal’s Ralph Carney for providing the soundtrack for this film.

Neighbor Explains 45 Years of Bernal Heights History in 56 Seconds


Neighbor Ralph lives a few doors down from me in Precitaville, and he’s been here for a long time. His father bought the house he lives in now back in 1943 with money he made working as a laborer at Fort Mason. 

Ralph remembers the years after World War II, when San Francisco’s population swelled with returning soldiers and sailors who decided to stay. Everyone had work, he recalled, particularly at the shipyards.”Hunter’s Point was going 24 hours a day,” he says.

Ralph worked for the SFPD as a policeman. He started on the beat, but then spent most of his career “inside” at the Hall of Justice before retiring.

He pointed to my house. “Sam lived there,” he said. That jogged my memory about the census records from 1940. Sam? Sam Piazza? “Yeah, Sam Piazza.” Ralph knew him.

In Ralph’s earliest memories, Bernal Heights was Italian and Irish. Then he remembers Mexicans and Filipinos moving in, and now Ralph notices that the neighborhood is changing again.

This is Neighbor Ralph’s thumbnail history of the last 45 years of Bernal Heights history:

PHOTO: Neighbor Ralph by Telstar Logistics

New Drone Video Shows Amazing Views Over Bernal Hill

bernalfrom300 ft


Amazing things are happening these days when people combine inexpensive drone technology with inexpensive compact video cameras. reached out to Bernalwood this week to share a stunning aerial video captured over Bernal Hill on a recent morning from a 500mm QAV quad-copter equipped with a stabilized camera system, wireless downlink, and full GPS to maintain position and altitude:


What does all that mean? It means you get to soar over Bernal Hill in a brand-new video. Go full screen, pop the headphones in your earholes, and fly:

Special thanks: