Exploding Sunset Dazzles Bernal Heights Neighbors


There have been some remarkable sunsets of late, but the one last night was a real jaw-dropper. Neighbor Dan snapped this stunning photo last night from glamorous Winfield Street.

Meanwhile, at about the same time, your Bernalwood editor was at a slightly lower altitude, crossing Cesar Chavez  just as the sky exploded. It was so intense, I stopped dead in my tracks in pure awe. Here’s an unedited, #nofilter view of the kind of landscape that makes even an AutoZone parking lot look supersexy:


PHOTOS: Top, Dan Jurafshy; below, Telstar Logistics

Watch Last Night’s Colorful Sunset and Epic Moonrise from Bernal Hill in 50 Seconds

Did you catch last night’s fabulous sunset? Or, if you did catch the sunset, were you looking west instead of east?

Well, Neighbor Joe Thomas was looking toward the bay from his Eastern Observation Post atop Bernal Hill, and he took this wonderful time-lapse video of the sunset and the  moonrise.

There’s no sound, but go full screen and don’t just watch it once.

And when you’re done…. Special Bonus!

Neighbor Joel Kraut also brings us the view of the very same sunset from his Western Observation Post atop Bernal Hill, looking toward Sutro Tower:

Spooky Moon Seen Behind Spooky Clouds Above Spooky Scene on Virginia


The weather hasn’t been kind of late — foggy, cold, and prematurely Augustish. But the clouds have been interesting at night, especially now that the moon is full.

This photo from Neighbor Jesse Schlenker evocatively captures the weird clouds, dark night, the big moon, and Bernal Heights, all at once in this photo she took near Virginia Street. So classically Bernalicious, no?

PHOTO: Jesse Schlenker

Rainbow Alert!! Rainbow Alert!! Rainbow Alert!!


In the aftermath of some late afternoon showers this afternoon, the Bernalwood Rainbow Situation Control Facility has confirmed several Category 3 rainbow strikes on the north side of Bernal Hill.

Neighbor Joe Thomas documented the rainbow incident from his East Slope observation post at 4:49 pm:

Meanwhile, Zach Langley snapped this panoramic perspective:

As always during a rainbow strike, Citizens of Bernalwood are encouraged to be on alert for the sudden onset of euphoria, deep tranquility, and giddy enthusiasm.

Bernal Neighbors Gaze In Awe As Sky Explodes In Cascade of Orange and Lightning


Just before dusk last Saturday night, the skies above Bernal Heights lit up like an Electric Kool-Aid Acid Apocalypse.

The clouds had been funky and exceptionally fluffy all day, but just as the sun was preparing to set, a storm squall blew through San Francisco. So when the sun dropped near horizontal behind Twin Peaks, the color and texture of the sky basically… exploded.

Much like our ancient druid ancestors, the residents of modern Bernal Heights took note of the fiery sky and gazed in wonder. Yet unlike our druid ancestors, we had smartphones to document the amazing moment #nofilter style.

Neighbor Beth Zonderman captured the incredible moment shown up above, when the billowing orange sky lit up in a zap of lightning. Incredible.

Your Bernalwood editor was on Cortland, having a Substantial Conversation with a friend at the glamorous Pinhole Coffee. The shop filled up with a spooky orange glow, and everyone inside piled out onto the sidewalk. Here’s what I saw:


The contrasts between light and dark, and color and greyscale were astonishing. Check out this stunning moment Neighbor Darcy saw outside Heartfelt:


Neighbor Christel saw this as she walked near the Coso green in Precitaville:


Neighbor Karen looked up from her home just off Alabama:


This was Neighbor Elizabeth’s view from Bocana:


And here’s what Neighbor Michele saw from Precita Park:


Chef Tim from Ichi Sushi was crossing Cesar Chavez when the sky exploded, and he took note as well. Celebrity chefs appreciate freaky weather patterns… just like us!


A photo posted by Tim Archuleta (@ichichef) on

Neighbor Jason took a wide-angle panorama of the Sutrito Tower hilltop (click to embiggen):


Neighbor Rik was up on the Hill at the time, to take this shot:


Meanwhile, Neighbor Jonathan gazed in awe at the spectacle of Bernalese gazing in awe at the spectacle:


Here’s what Neighbor Brian saw when he looked south from atop Bernal Hill. WITH A FRIKKIN’ RAINBOW! The National Weather Service tells Bernalwood this can happen when a storm front passes through a bank of unicorn glitter:


Then, after gazing at the storm gazers, Neighbor Jonathan turned his camera to the west, where he saw Sutro Tower presiding magisterially:


PHOTOS: See citations in text. All photos are the property of their photographers. 



The Bernalwood Rainbow Situation Control Facility has confirmed a dramatic Rainbow Event that startled Bernal Heights this morning.

Reports are still streaming in, but as of 09:44 this morning, this is what we have been able to learn thus far from our correspondents in the field.

Cfenton shared this AMAZING shot of a rainbow touchdown at Folsom Gate:

rainbow.cfenton copy

Here’s some perfection from Neighbor Jana:


Neighbor John witnessed this explosion of color:


One from Neighbor Dale:


Meanwhile, on The Twitters…

A terrific Double Rainbow panorama from Neighbor Jason (click to embiggen):

Double Rainbow - Jason Brown

And a cool arc over La Lengua from Neighbor Jeff:


Of course, we now face a severe risk of unicorn swarms, so all Citizens of Bernalwood are advised to remain alert. If you see unicorn glitter, please call 311 so the City can send over a Unicorn Control Officer.

UPDATE 28 February, 2015: Image processing specialists from the Bernalwood Office of Photographic Intelligence worked through the night to study the immense trove of data revealed by yesterday’s rainbow storm. Using advanced unicorn detection algorithms and inverse chromatic filters , they surfaced some truly remarkable after-effects that occurred at the touchdown sites of yesterday’s rainbows.