Storm Clouds Animate Fiery Sunset on Bernal Hill


Storm clouds and a setting sun often make for a stylish pairing, and yesterday’s weather did not disappoint.  Neighbor Charlie shared the photo above, taken on Bernal Hill yesterday as the sky lit up in an intense swirl of orange and black.

Not far away, Jenna Bilotta snapped this handsome profile of Bernal Hill.  Don’t you love how the orange sky accentuates our dashingly handsome profile?


PHOTOS: Top, Neighbor Charlie. Below, Jenna Bilotta

Bernal Skyspotters Confirm Intense Rainbow Strikes in Downtown San Francisco


The rest of the world may be chaotic and menacing, but Sunday’s on-and-off rainstorms interspersed with periods of sunshine resulted in a Category Two Rainbow Warning for all of Bernal Heights.

Scientists from the Bernalwood Rainbow Situation Control Facility were on duty in the likely event that a rainbow might touch down in our area:


Sure enough, at around 11:30 am Bernal Heights neighbor and celebrity sci-fi writer M. Luke McDonell documented the above, a confirmed Full-Arc Rainbow, as seen from her Precitaville observation post. Based on the observed prismatic trajectories, Bernalwood estimates that residents of Duboce Triangle and China Basin may have experienced rainbow-induced euphoria as a result.

Neighbor Kendall documented a direct hit on Rincon Hill’s Ionic Breeze Tower:


Moments later, @xtraslky provided further data:


She wondered:

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 11.00.45 PM

Yup, that’s confirmed.

UPDATE: Via MissionMission, we find this terrific photo by woolfshirt that shows Bernal Heights positioned strategically beneath Sunday’s rainbow barrage. As all armchair rainbow-watchers know, this positioning is ideal to maximize the positive effects of Rainbow Energy throughout the entire Dominion of Bernalwood:


PHOTOS: Top, M. Luke McDonell. Below, @xtraslky.

Recent Sunsets Provide Special Treats for Fans of Purple and Orange


There have been some rather spectacular sunsets on Bernal Hill of late.

And we are fortunate to have some rather spectacular photographers in our ranks to capture these sunsets for us all to enjoy. The shots you see here were all taken by Scott Morin on November 9, 2014, and shared with us via the always stylish Bernalwood Flickr Group. Thanks Scott!

Check out more of his awesomeness:



PHOTOS: Scott Morin

Bernal Hill Stars in the Most Epic Display of Giants Pride the World Has Ever Seen


Holy schmokes!  While things were going badly for the Giants last night, Daniel Leu, our favorite Bernal-watcher on Potrero Hill, noticed that we looked rather stunning during the sunset.

Daniel writes:

While the San Francisco Giants were battling the Kansas City Royals, the sky over Bernal Heights had its own spectacular show.

We may have lost the game, but it can now be said Bernal Hill put on the most epic display of orange-and-black Giants Pride the world has ever seen.

PHOTO: Daniel Leu

Sunset Timelapse from Bernal Hill Is a Preview of Tonight’s Coming Attractions

It’s going to be beautiful in Bernal Heights today — a warm and clear allocation from our limited annual ration of summer-like days.

During a similar day earlier in the week, Jamie Fausto created a gorgeous time-lapse video of the sunset, as seen from the north-facing vantage point that looks straight up South Van Ness Avenue. It’s awesome.

Enjoy Jamie’s video in full-screen mode, and if you want to experience the real thing for yourself, be advised that sunset will happen tonight at 6:49 pm.

PRO TIP: Bring a cocktail.