Succulence Is Having a Sidewalk Sale All Weekend


Neighbor Ken Shelf from the fabulous Succulence at 402 Cortland wants to tell you about a plantastic sidewalk sale happening at the store this weekend:

This coming weekend, Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 26th and 27th, Succulence is having a sidewalk sale from 11-4 each day.

We are moving a lot of awesome items out of the shop that we’ve had for a long time. There will be planters, home stuff, some plants that need TLC, some products that will give you TLC, and a variety of other fun stuff.

This is a cash only sale, just available on the sidewalk those two days. We are making room for tons of new stuff coming for the holiday season.

Hope to see everyone out next weekend!


PHOTO: Ken Shelf in situ, Courtesy of Succulence

You’re Invited to the Official Pinkie’s Bakery Grand Opening on Saturday Afternoon


It’s been a few months since Sandbox Bakery was sold to Pinkie’s Bakery, so by now we trust you’ve had enough time to reach the later stages of your own Kübler-Ross cycle. Take a moment to let the Acceptance flow through your neurons.

Now, doesn’t that feel better?

While we’ve been working on that, owner Cheryl Burr of Pinkie’s has been working hard to make the place her own, and that process is complete too.  Now Pinkie’s Bakery is ready for an official grand opening at 833 Cortland, and you’re on the guest list:

I’d like to invite the Bernal Heights community to Pinkie’s grand opening party this Saturday, from 1-3 p.m. We’ll be serving sweets, savories, and bubbly!

The transition is nearly complete, and Pinkie’s signage goes up on Friday afternoon. We also commissioned a new interior mural (thanks, New Bohemia!).

We’ve been gradually adding items from Pinkie’s (donuts, cake, bacon brioche, eggy challah, etc.), and we’ll launch a new menu of sandwiches next week.

Hope to see you on Saturday!


PHOTO: Maria del Rio for Pinkie’s Bakery

Saturday Night: Watch “Night at the Museum 3” in World-Famous Precita Park

Following up on last weekend’s princess-heavy screening of Frozen in Precita Park, Neighbor Dean Fryer tells us that CPMC will show Night at the Museum 3 in Precita Park this Saturday, Sept. 26 at 6:30:

So, we have the next movie on Saturday—Night at the Museum 3.  And, we have something special happening on Saturday—an exciting performance (related to the movie) will begin at 6:30!  It’s going to be amazing (Hint—as if a movie character comes alive). I would love to tell you more but this is a big surprise.

PS: Check out this ridiculously adorable photo of some Bernal kids who showed up to see last weekend’s movie.


Fabulous Bernal Editor Creating Cookbook to Feed Your People


Scientific fun-fact: Food tastes better when you enjoy it with other people. The reverse is true too: Sharing food is a great way to get know people in a way that makes you care more about them.

With those profound truths in mind, Bernal Neighbor and editor Leslie Jonath has a crowdfunding campaign underway to publish  Feed Your People, a cookbook that will celebrate yummy food as a way to create stronger community.

(ROMANTIC DISCLOSURE STATEMENT: Neighbor Leslie is also my sweetie, and she’s asleep in bed upstairs as I write this now. Shhhhhh.)

Neighbor Leslie writes:

Feed Your People is a community-based cookbook with recipes for crowd-pleasing big batch cooking from warm-hearted cooks, chefs, community organizations, and grandmas for the foods we gather around — from backyard barbecues and soup suppers to hand-wrapped tamales, dumpling dinners, and seafood boils. Whether for a family reunion, a DIY wedding, holidays, memorials, non-profit fundraisers or a neighborhood block party, this book will inspire you and make cooking for your community a delicious, affordable, fun, memorable feast.

Despite the popularity of supper clubs, pop-up dinners, block parties, bake sales, and community dinners, there are very few books featuring recipes that scale for a crowd. Feed Your People will be co-authored with 18 Reasons, a beloved San Francisco based non-profit whose mission is to “empower our community with confidence and creativity to buy, cook, and eat good food every day” and published by Powerhouse Books.

If bringing great people together with great food sounds like your kind of thing, backing Neighbor Leslie’s campaign is just like pre-ordering a copy of the book — with the advance knowledge that the book will simply have with a loooooooooong delivery time.

Leslie explains what her book is all about in the video below, and you can contribute to Feed Your People here.

Bernal Neighbor Will Magically Transform Your Surplus Fruit Into Tasty Jam or Chutney


Are you up to your eyeballs in surplus fruit from your backyard fruit trees? Neighbor Jaiya would like to help:

Do you have fruit trees that are giving more than you know what to do with? Would you like to see that excess transformed into something delicious? I can turn your extra fruit into sweet preserves or savory chutneys. You provide the main ingredient, I come up with a recipe, make it, can it, and share the results with you.

I have been a home canner and baker for years, and love sharing what I make with friends. Since I’ve been living in an apartment in Bernal, I’ve had to venture outside the city limits to collect my favorite fruits for my home canning projects. Meanwhile, I’ve noticed that there are abundant fruit trees (apples, pears, quince, figs, and meyer lemons) right here in Bernal Heights that are producing more than their owners can consume.

So, Bernal Neighbors… If you have extra fruit on your trees, let me turn it into a delicious treat to share with you. Just contact me at jaiyapie *AT* yahoo *DOT* com. I’m looking forward to meeting you, sharing recipe ideas, and enjoying the harvest.

Bon appetit!

PHOTO: Some jam and chutney made during the last few weeks, by Neighbor Jaiya

Exploding Sunset Dazzles Bernal Heights Neighbors


There have been some remarkable sunsets of late, but the one last night was a real jaw-dropper. Neighbor Dan snapped this stunning photo last night from glamorous Winfield Street.

Meanwhile, at about the same time, your Bernalwood editor was at a slightly lower altitude, crossing Cesar Chavez  just as the sky exploded. It was so intense, I stopped dead in my tracks in pure awe. Here’s an unedited, #nofilter view of the kind of landscape that makes even an AutoZone parking lot look supersexy:


PHOTOS: Top, Dan Jurafshy; below, Telstar Logistics

Graffiti Removed, For Now, as Sutrito Tower Facility Gets a Coat of Paint

Sutrito Tower post-graffiti removal

Sutrito Tower has long been plagued by graffiti — not street art, not murals, just ugly, boring tags.

American Tower, which owns the facility, occasionally paints over it, but the company recently allowed some of the tags to linger for a long time. There’s one that says “TRUST NO HOE!” (charming) in this picture from January 2014 that was still there until very recently: IMG_0806

Now, it’s all gone. There’s new fencing, upgraded security lighting, and even barbed wire around most of the perimeter, which isn’t very attractive. Yet it might be worth it, if it actually keeps the taggers out.

If it doesn’t (which seems likely, given this site’s history), why not get rid of the fencing entirely? Like it was when Sutrito Tower was first built, in 1963.

Removing the fence would take the “adventure” out of tagging this building, and make it convenient for neighbors to paint over it without waiting years for American Tower to get around to cleaning up the mess.

Sutrito Tower post-graffiti removal

PHOTOS: Joe Thomas